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Rising Child Protection Concerns in Mali Amidst Armed Conflict: UN SC Report Highlights Urgent Need for Action Description: An in-depth analysis of the UN Security Council's latest report revealing a significant increase in child rights violations in Mali due to ongoing armed conflicts. Explore key insights and urgent calls for action to protect vulnerable children . The United Nations Security Council's Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict has raised alarm over the escalating violations against children in Mali. According to their recent examination of the Secretary-General's fourth report on the matter, there has been a considerable increase in verified violations and abuses throughout the reporting period. Alarming Trends in Child Rights Violations The report, as released by the UN SC and documented by ReliefWeb, strongly condemns the ongoing violations against children in Mali. These include recruitment, use, killing, maiming, sexual violence, abductions, and attacks on schools and hospitals. The Security Council urges all partie

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