Surge in Sudan's Internal Displacement: A Deep Dive into an Escalating Crisis

Sudan's unfolding humanitarian disaster brought to the forefront

Photo: IOM 2021/Muse Mohammed 

Geneva, 5th Sep 2023 - The internal displacement situation in Sudan has taken a dramatic turn, with numbers nearly doubling since the start of internal conflict. Fresh data from the International Organization for Migration's (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) places the count at approximately 7.1 million people. The conflict, predominantly between the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudanese Armed Force (SAF) since mid-April, has been responsible for newly displacing 3.8 million individuals.

The severity of the crisis is echoed in states like River Nile, East Darfur, Northern, South Darfur, Sennar, and White Nile, which house the majority of these displaced persons.

The Dire Humanitarian Scene

Essential commodities have become rare and costly luxuries for those trapped in besieged areas, as food, water, medicine, and fuel shortages amplify. Trade routes being in disarray and constrained accessibility have led to significant price hikes, pushing essential goods out of the reach for many.

Graver still are the widespread human rights infringements being reported, with gender-based violence, forced displacement, and civilian casualties becoming increasingly common.

The conflict's repercussions spill beyond Sudan's borders. Over a million have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Chad emerges as the primary destination for these asylum seekers, followed by nations like Egypt, South Sudan, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, and Libya. It's noteworthy that 67% of these refugees are Sudanese nationals.

A staggering 24.7 million people, constituting half of Sudan's population, are now in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection.

International Response and Appeals

Federico Soda, IOM Director of the Department of Operations and Emergencies, articulates the sentiment succinctly: "The people of Sudan deserve peace. Any further escalation of violence would further devastate the country and the region."

To tackle the burgeoning crisis, IOM has recalibrated its Response Overview for the Sudan Crisis, doubling its funding requirements to USD 418 million to aid double the affected number, estimated at 1.9 million. Yet, a paltry 21% of this amount has seen actual funding.

While IOM remains dedicated to its mission in Sudan, encompassing operations in all 18 states, intensified combat and associated challenges hinder access to those in dire need.

Their relief actions in the country are multifaceted. From providing essential goods, healthcare support, to psychosocial assistance, their efforts are omnipresent. Recently, a pilot cross-border convoy from Egypt delivered 3,300 hygiene kits to Wadi Halfa in the Northern state, showcasing IOM's adaptability in response strategy.

Soda emphasizes the situation's urgency, appealing for global cooperation: "As needs continue to rise, we reiterate our appeal to the international community to urgently support relief efforts."

ARAC International's Commentary:

Sudan's escalating situation deeply concerns us at ARAC International. Our commitment to sustainable peace and global security urges us to keep a vigilant eye on unfolding events. We stand in solidarity with the affected, understanding the profound implications this has for global peace and the intricate tapestry of international relations. Monitoring this situation closely through our channels, ARAC remains devoted to the principles of human rights and global peace, emphasizing the importance of swift, cohesive international action.

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