Vital Aid Access for Thousands Under Threat Due to Escalating Conflict in Central African Republic

Vital Aid Access for Thousands Under Threat Due to Escalating Conflict in Central African Republic


United Nations Resident Coordinator Central African Republic (UN RC CAR)

According to the UN RC CARthe Central African Republic (CAR) has witnessed a sharp increase in incidents targeting humanitarian organizations, according to a statement released by the Humanitarian Coordinator, Mohamed Ag Ayoya, on August 1, 2023. This surge in violence has significantly disrupted the delivery of essential aid to thousands of individuals in dire need.

Within a single week, three major incidents have taken place in the country's northern region, all believed to be initiated by one of the conflict parties. Such incidences pose a severe threat to the continuation of emergency aid programs, undermining the efforts of humanitarian organizations operating under challenging conditions.

Ag Ayoya emphatically denounced these acts, emphasizing that it is unacceptable to exploit or harass humanitarian workers, vehicles, and facilities involved in these critical operations. This stance aligns with International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which protects civilians and civilian infrastructure from attacks.

He also stated that any attack on humanitarian organizations directly impacts the provision of water, health, and food services to some of the most vulnerable Central Africans.

Despite the escalating threats, humanitarian workers remain committed to maintaining dialogue with all conflicting parties. They aim to negotiate safe access to all individuals requiring assistance and to reinforce the warring parties' obligations under IHL.

Ag Ayoya reiterated the situation's urgency, pointing out that over half of the CAR's population needs humanitarian assistance and protection. Therefore, ensuring the safety and unrestricted access of those working to provide aid remains paramount.

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