Horn of Africa - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #8, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023





43 MILLION Number of People in Need of Assistance in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia in 2023
UN – May 2023

20.1 MILLION Number of People Targeted for Food Assistance in Ethiopia
UN – February 2023

4.4 MILLION Number of People Currently Facing IPC 3+ in Kenya
IPC – February 2023

6.6 MILLION Number of People Projected to Face IPC 3+ Between April and June in Somalia
IPC – April 2023

1.5 MILLION Number of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Hosted by Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia
UN – May 2023

  • On May 24, the USG announced $524 million in humanitarian aid to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

  • Drought conditions and seasonal flooding contributed to escalated GBV risks in drought-affected southern and southeastern Ethiopia during 2022.

  • Despite increased rainfall that began in March, drought needs—particularly acute malnutrition treatment—persist among communities in 21 of Kenya’s 23 ASALs.

  • An estimated 6.6 million people across Somalia are projected to experience Crisis—IPC 3—or worse levels of acute food insecurity between April and June, while May floods in Hiran Region’s Beledweyne District resulted in 22 deaths and the displacement of 220,000 individuals.