LATEST: Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief 03-16 May 2023


Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief
03-16 May 2023
Aid Worker KIKA Data
Data on incidents where aid workers were killed, injured, kidnapped or arrested (KIKA) is now available for download on HDX and our website covering the period 01 January 2020 to 27 April 2023. At least 51 aid workers have been reportedly killed, 51 injured, 23 kidnapped and 25 arrested so far in 2023.

The dataset includes a brief incident description, the reported perpetrator, the weapons used, the type of organisation and programme affected as well as  anonymised available details about the affected staff. Note: The dataset does not yet include incidents reported in this News Brief. Registered HDX user? Follow us for the latest dataset updates.
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Safety, security and access incidents
Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.

04 May 2023: Update: In Bama LGA, Borno state, at least two out of three aid workers abducted on 25/26 April have been found safe by the Nigerian Armed Forces. Sources: VOA and Zagazola
10 May 2023: In Ngor commune, Dakar, unidentified perpetrators threw stones at a Red Cross vehicle, and set it on fire, amid clashes between security forces and demonstrators. Source: Croix-Rouge Sénégalaise 
South Sudan
As reported on 04 May 2023: In an undisclosed location, unidentified perpetrators attacked two clearly marked vehicles of the Norwegian Church Aid, killing seven national aid workers who were not directly employed by the aid organisation. Sources: DR and Norwegian Embassy for South Sudan
15 April-11 May 2023: In the midst of clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, most humanitarian operations have been suspended or severely scaled back. Looting has also hampered humanitarian activities, with a total of nearly 17,000 tons of food worth USD13-14 million stolen from WFP warehouses and trucks. Sources: BreitbartGlobal Security and VOA
30 April 2023: In El Geneina city, West Darfur state, a Norwegian Refugee Council volunteer was killed by unidentified perpetrators. Source: VOA
01 May 2023: Update: In Gedaref, Gezira, Kassal and White Nile state, WFP announced an imminent resumption of its food distribution activities, following a temporary halt of efforts after three WFP aid workers were killed on 15 April. Sources: VOA I and VOA II
02 May 2023: In an undisclosed location, six trucks loaded with WFP food supplies were looted by unidentified perpetrators, whilst en route to the Darfur region. Sources: Middle East MonitorThe Guardian and The New Arab
06-07 May 2023: In Khartoum, unidentified perpetrators looted the main compound of the WFP. Source: UN
12 May 2023: In Khartoum, unidentified perpetrators burned down the Samil Foods Factory that produced 60 percent of ready-to-use therapeutic food supplied to UNICEF and WFP to treat acutely malnourished children. Sources: OCHAPersonal Communication and Radio Dabanga
16 May 2023: In Khartoum, armed men broke into the warehouse of MSF, and looted it. Two cars filled with supplies were taken away. Source: MSF Sudan
As reported on 17 May 2023: In Khartoum state, as INGOs and LNGOs remain unable to access the capital, the distribution of humanitarian aid has fallen to local resistance committees, who had led anti-military protests over the past few years. Source: The New Arab
Latest Data: Aid in Danger in Sudan
Since fighting started on 15 April between SAF and RSF, hundreds of people have been killed and thousands wounded. More than 75,000 people have been internally displaced and tens of thousands have fled to neighbouring countries. The violence has impacted aid workers, assets and programmes.
During the period 15-26 April, Insecurity Insight has identified 30 incidents of violence against or obstruction of aid delivery in Sudan. In these incidents, eight aid workers have been killed and aid compounds, offices, and warehouses have been broken into and looted on 15 occasions. Download the 2023 SDN Aid in Danger Incident Data on HDX
Previous incident report: 15-19 April
08 May 2023: In Odessa city, raion and oblast, a Russian strike hit and completely destroyed a Red Cross warehouse, turning it into flames. Sources: BBC and Ukrainian Red Cross
13 May 2023: In Mykolaiv city, raion and oblast, the premises of a WFP-contracted bakery was struck amid conflict, causing damage to the building and vehicles used to store and deliver bread to thousands of beneficiaries. Source: OCHA Ukraine
16 May 2023: In Ternopil city, raion and oblast, a missile attack of unidentified origin hit and destroyed a Christian Aid warehouse. Food packages funded by the Disasters Emergency Committee were due to be distributed to intended beneficiaries. Source: DEC
Insecurity Insight. 2023. Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief, 03-06 May 2023. Geneva: Insecurity Insight.

This Bi-Monthly News Brief comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is part of the Aid in Danger project, by Insecurity Insight. It is prepared from information available in local, national and international news outlets and online databases. The incidents reported are not a complete nor a representative list of all events that affected the provision of aid delivery and have not been independently verified. All decisions made, on the basis of, or with consideration to, such information remains the responsibility of their respective organisations. Insecurity Insight continues to update data on aid workers killed, injured, kidnapped or arrested (KIKA) and figures may change. Updated data includes new and historic reports identified in open-sources and verified security incidents submitted by Aid in Danger partner agencies.

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