Critical Threats Project Weekly Update 5/17/2023


Salafi-Jihadi Movement Weekly Update
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Brian Carter, Liam Karr, Kathryn Tyson, and Peter Mills
ISIS is taking advantage of the seam between Syrian territory held by the regime and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to evade counterinsurgent pressure and rebuild its insurgency. ISIS will use the seam and lack of coordination between counterterrorism forces to set conditions that will enable a rapid resurgence after a US withdrawal.  READ MORE >>

The recent increase in counterterrorism operations by regional forces in the Lake Chad Basin are unlikely to permanently weaken IS West Africa Province (ISWAP) because security forces cannot adequately sustain operations in the remote havens they are targeting. READ MORE >>

Salafi-jihadi groups will likely try to exploit any banning or severe weakening of the Tehrik-e-Insaf Pakistan (PTI) party to recruit. The PTI has a stronghold in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where Salafi-jihadi groups also have safe havens and attack frequently.  READ MORE >>
SPECIAL EDITIONS: Protests in Pakistan
Kathryn Tyson | Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute | May 16, 2023
Keep checking back for our timely updates on critical issues as they relate to the Salafi-jihadi movement.
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