ACAPS Monthly Data Updates 5/14/2023


This dataset flags events and trends that may affect the information ecosystem in humanitarian settings. 

The aim is to inform operational, strategic, and policy decision makers about information access constraints, community information needs, and factors relevant to community engagement and accountability.

It is a joint work between ACAPS and Internews.
Protection Indicators Monitor
ACAPS has identified categories for tracking ‘protection events’, including one-time events, policies, and recurrent violations. The indicator with the highest volume of events tracked is 'Extrajudicial executions, deliberate or indiscriminate attacks on civilians, and other unlawful killings'.
Humanitarian Access Events Monitoring
The top regions with the highest volume of events impeding access are the TillabĂ©ry region in Niger, the Nord-Ouest and Sud-Ouest regions of Cameroon, and the Rakhine state in Myanmar.
Seasonal Events Calendar
The dataset has been updated and reviewed by our Climate Change Expert with a more accurate description of type of seasonal events: there is a new category about seasonal hazard events and more than 200 seasonal events have been added overall in the dataset.
The Risk List
Since the last update, three previously identified risks have materialised in Mongolia, Myanmar, and Lebanon and Syria. All 2023 risks on Afghanistan have been updated, and the probability for the risk 'Involuntary returns of Syrian refugees (from Lebanon)' has been changed from medium to high.
INFORM Severity Index
The Reliability Index supports the consistency of the data used to calculate the severity score. Out of 144 active crises, 49 have a Very High Reliability Index, while 58 have a High one. Three crises have a Low Reliability Index.
Ukraine Analysis Hub
The Ukraine Master dataset consolidates key indicators of the Ukraine crisis to allow and facilitate comparison and analysis of relevant data of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. The latest update lists the number of registered IDPs at over 3.61 million, up from 3.6 million of the past update. 
Afghanistan Analysis Hub
The average price of wheat in Afghanistan has dropped to 20.99 Afghanis per kilogramme. This represents a gentle decline of 5.71% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the fourth quarter of 2022.
Yemen Analysis Hub
The following datasets have been recently updated:
The Hub also keeps updated on a regular basis the various datasets related to the Yemen Economy Tracking Initiative (YETI).
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