Global Humanitarian Overview 2023, January - February Update


 Snapshot as of 28 February 2023


Inter-Agency Coordinated Appeals:
January - February Update





In December 2022, the 2023 GHO was launched in Geneva, Riyadh, and Addis Ababa. It was the largest-ever appeal for humanitarian relief, requiring $51.5 billion to assist 230 million of the 339 million people in need of aid in 69 countries. As of 28 February, requirements had increased to $54.4 billion, a 30 per cent increase compared to the initial requirements for the 2022 GHO. The increase was largely due to the addition of Flash Appeals for the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria and cholera in Malawi, as well as adjustments to initial requirements of some response plans. The number of people in need has also increased to almost 347 million people and humanitarian partners aim to assist nearly 239 million of them. Currently, 14 inter-agency plans require more than $1 billion each, including six that are close to $4 billion or more.

Reported GHO funding as of end of February 2023 totalled $2.4 billion. This is more than the amount of GHO funding reported at the end of February 2022.
Details on funding by plan are available here. Total reported humanitarian funding 1 for 2023 totalled $6.6 billion.

The full GHO document, as well as abridged versions in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, can be downloaded on the new website Humanitarian Action. The complete interactive datasets covering the global trends and the inter-agency coordinated appeals are available for download on this site. 2022 GHO 2022 ended with GHO requirements reaching $51.7 billion. The GHO aimed to reach 216 million of the 324 million people in need in 2022.

As of end February 2023, recorded funding for the 2022 GHO reached $28.7 billion or 55.5 per cent of needs. Despite this extraordinary outcome and generosity by donors for 2022, the gap between needs and requirements – $23 billion – remains to be of great concern.

Total reported humanitarian funding for 2022 reached $38.7 billion - the highest ever - reflecting the exerted efforts by donors to respond to the Ukraine crisis and its global impact last year.


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