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March 2, 2023

GENOCIDE EMERGENCY: Azerbaijan's blockade of Artsakh
Genocide Watch is issuing a Genocide Emergency Alert for Azerbaijan’s ongoing blockade against the Armenian-populated region of Artsakh. The blockade has created a humanitarian crisis for the 120,000 people living in Artsakh and is a clear attempt by the Azerbaijani government to starve, freeze, and ultimately expel Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh. Read more on our website, written by Nat Hill.
This month, Genocide Watch's blog "The Call" published an article on "The Impact of Anti-Genocide Advocacy on Mental Health".  This article can be found here.

Tom Shacklock spoke on threats of genocide against Tusti groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a program sponsored by the New York Bar Association. The speech can be viewed here.
Hazara Justice Initiative
Genocide Watch has been working with the World Hazara Council and the Hazara Justice Initiative to propose language for the UN Security Council Resolution to renew the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA). Hazaras have been targeted due to their ethnicity and their Shi'a Muslim religious faith. The proposed language strengthens UNAMA's mandate to protect the human rights of women and the Hazaras. 
Grace Condon has published a story map on Femicide in Mexico. This project examines the roots of femicide in Mexico. It examines how femicide and gender-based violence have become normalized in Mexico. The causes include cultural and institutional machismo, corruption and impunity at all levels of government and law enforcement, and the prevalence of organized crime in Mexico. The conclusion identifies gender inequality as a systemic problem that results in gender-based violence and femicide. Combating femicide will require deep cultural changes in Mexico that should be promoted by the government, the church, and education systems. The story map can be viewed here
Genocide Watch published a country report on Cuba written by Vivian Yellen. The report noted the serious human rights violations by the Cuban government. In the interests of alleviating the suffering of the Cuban people and influencing the Cuban regime, we recommended normalization of US diplomatic relations with Cuba and an end of the US embargo on trade with Cuba. We determined that Cuba currently stands at Stage 3: Discrimination, Stage 8: Persecution, and Stage 10: Denial. The Cuba Country report can be read 
Each month, we celebrate the work of a member of our staff. This month, we would like to feature Panchami Manjuntha for her hard work with our Legal Team. Panchami is a law student at the National Law School of India, Bengaluru, India. She is working on our project to hold social media accountable for publishing incitements to genocide. She is also working with other members of our Legal Team to document the genocides perpetrated against Kurds in Iraq. The report will accompany a proposed resolution by the International Association of Genocide Scholars. 
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