Aid in Danger Bi-Month News Brief 2/22/23 - 3/7/23


Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief
22 February-07 March 2023
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Safety, security and access incidents
Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.
Burkina Faso
As reported on 16 February 2023: In Bani department, Seno province, Sahel region, increased activity by non-state armed groups have hampered humanitarian activities since January. Source: OCHA
06 February 2023: In Northwest and Southwest regions, non-state armed groups called for a lockdown on 10-11 February which would prevent people accessing humanitarian aid. Source: OCHA
04 March 2023: Between Gao and Kidal regions, two employees of ICRC were kidnapped by unidentified perpetrators. Sources: France 24ICRC in Mali and Le Perisien
11 January 2023: In Ungawar Mai Awo village, Igabi LGA, Kaduna state, a Fityanul Islam First Aid Group staff member and his nephew were killed at his home, amid a wider attack by bandits in the area. Source: National Daily
14 February 2023: In Zamfara state, the state government ordered all NGOs to leave the state for alleged illegal activities fueling insecurity in Zamfara and its neighbourhood. Sources: Channels and Daily Nigerians
22 February 2023: In the Xiniinyo Warsangeli area near Bosaso town and district, Bari region, a driver for a volunteer organisation was shot and killed by gunmen. Source: ACLED1
South Sudan
21 February 2023: Between Juba and Mongalla payam, Juba county, Central Equatoria state, a boat loaded with WFP supplies ran aground along the riverside, and was subsequently targeted by criminals who demanded aid and money. As soon as they got what they asked for, the criminals fatally shot at least 10 people on board. Source: Eye Radio
05 February 2023: In Deh Bala district, Nangarhar province, two LNGO aid workers were detained by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) forces. Source: ACLED1
23 February 2023: The Italian Parliament passed into law a government decree that outlines requirements for search-and-rescue organisations and penalties for those who do not abide by them. Sources: Al Jazeera and The Maritime Executive
23 February 2023: Law enforcement officials entered the MSF-operated rescue ship Geo Barents, and notified the crew of disciplinary measures over accusations that MSF had withheld information about a rescue operation it completed last week. Specifically, the vessel was placed in administrative detention for 20 days, and fined EUR 10,000. Sources: Al JazeeraInfo MigrantsMarine Insight and MSF Sea
02 March 2023: In Kozatske settlement, Kakhovka raion, Kherson oblast, a Russian drone attack hit an INGO distributing vegetable kits to local residents, injuring nine civilians. Sources: The Kyiv Independent and TSN
Middle East and North Africa
Occupied Palestinian Territories
22 February 2023: In Nablus city and governorate, West Bank, Israeli troops prevented a Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) ambulance from reaching the Ras al Ain neighbourhood, and also damaged it. Separately, Israeli soldiers targeted a PRCS ambulance with rubber-coated bullets, as it was heading to the Bab al-Saha neighbourhood, and broke its mirror. On another occasion, Israeli forces prevented a PRCS ambulance from reaching the home of a two-year-old child suffering from a heart condition, and who had been exposed to teargas. The ambulance crew, who decided to reach the child on foot, were hit by rubber-coated bullets. After reaching the patient, the team was prevented from leaving the house with the child for the next 40 minutes. Source: Palestinian Red Crescent Society
26 February 2023: In Zatara village, Nablus governorate, West Bank, a Palestinian volunteer was shot and killed by Israeli settlers. Sources: Middle East Monitor and The New Arab
27 February 2023: In  As Saddah district, Ibb governorate, a civilian house used as an NGO headquarters for women's education was seized by Houthi forces despite court orders asking Houthi forces to vacate the building and hand it over to its owners. Source: ACLED1
The Americas
As reported on 20 February 2023: In North Santander department, Andes region, a UN Verification Mission in Colombia vehicle was carjacked by four armed men. Source: El Tiempo
As reported on 22 February 2023: In Port-au-Prince, armed groups control 60% of the capital’s territory, including humanitarian access roads leading to areas further afield, where they often impose roadblocks. Consequently, communities are unable to access food, medical care, and other essential services. Source: The New Humanitarian

United States of America
As reported on 23 February 2023: The Alliance for Global Justice — which serves as a fiscal sponsor for nearly 150 NGOs — has lost its fundraising ability because the company that processes its credit card donations blocked all transactions to the group over its connection to the Palestinian NGO Samidoun, which, in February 2021, was added to Israel’s terror list due to its alleged ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Source: Mondoweiss
24 January 2023: The Venezuelan National Assembly approved the first reading of a draft law, aimed to heavily regulate and inspect NGOs in an attempt to ban political adversaries. Sources: Foreign Affairs CommitteeHuman Rights WatchReuters and US
Insecurity Insight. 2023. Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief, 22 February-07 March 2023. Geneva: Insecurity Insight.
Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) database attribution policy. Accessed 07 March 2023.

This Bi-Monthly News Brief comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is part of the Aid in Danger project, by Insecurity Insight. It is prepared from information available in local, national and international news outlets and online databases. The incidents reported are not a complete nor a representative list of all events that affected the provision of aid delivery and have not been independently verified. All decisions made, on the basis of, or with consideration to, such information remains the responsibility of their respective organisations. Insecurity Insight continues to update data on aid workers killed, injured, kidnapped or arrested (KIKA) and figures may change. Updated data includes new and historic reports identified in open-sources and verified security incidents submitted by Aid in Danger partner agencies.

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