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Weekly Picks 08/03/2023



More than 1.4 million people are expected to experience severe acute food insecurity (CH 3 and 4) in June–August 2023, a 62% increase compared to October–December 2022.

These figures have never reached such high levels in the country before. The main drivers of the increase include climate hazards...

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A fire in Donkey Dereis village in As Salam locality, South Darfur state, on 3 March displaced an estimated 11,000 people (equivalent to 2,000 households) and killed five children.

It destroyed between 3,000–5,000 houses (around 75% of the village), burnt down more than 140 shops and restaurants, and ... 


An estimated 21,000 sub-Saharan migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are facing a crackdown by the police following urgent measures taken by the Government on 21 February.

Such measures include detentions and access restrictions to services for any migrant with an irregular status, but there are...

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