Africa Center for Strategic Studies Month in Review Jan 2023


 January 2023

Africa’s 2023 Elections: Democratic Resiliency in the Face of Trials

Despite serious challenges, Africa's youthful electorates vie to have their voices heard so as to shape a more democratic, stable, and prosperous future.

Africa’s Role in China’s Multilateralism Strategy

China’s efforts to reshape existing global institutions and norms rely on the support of African governments, though this can often be at odds with African citizen interests.

African Migration Trends to Watch in 2023

Most African migration is to economic hubs on the continent, a pattern that can be expected to continue as regional economies become more integrated.

Migration_Infographic_2023_trends-900x600-1-600x400 image
Ghana-Cyber-3x2-1-600x400 image

Learning from Ghana’s Multistakeholder Approach to Cyber Security

Ghana’s inclusive approach to developing a national cybersecurity strategy offers a model for how to rapidly build cyber capacity without undermining the safety of citizens.

Arms Trafficking and Border Governance Responses to Countering It

This webinar explored the key actors involved in arms trafficking and situated their activities within local political and economic contexts.

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