ACAPS Data Updates


Monthly data updates — December 2022 
Humanitarian Access Events Monitoring
Of all the countries tracked in the ACAPS Humanitarian Access Events database, Myanmar has the highest number of events (468), followed by Sudan (157) and Nigeria (137). 

The dataset is continuously updated through the ACAPS API. See the newly released access analysis report.
Seasonal Events Calendar
Did you know? The majority of the seasonal events tracked in the ACAPS Seasonal Events Calendar occurred in the time period June-July (98), followed by November-December (80), and October-November (78).
The Risk List
Six new high and/or medium level risks have been added to the dataset since the last update, and could deteriorate the humanitarian situation in:

Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia, and several Eastern African countries.
INFORM Severity Index
Nigeria and Chad are the countries with the highest number of crises in the latest update of the INFORM Severity Index. Each country currently has five open crises related to Boko Haram and several refugee crises. They are followed by Ethiopia, Niger, Philippines and Sudan, with four open crises each.
Afghanistan Analysis Hub
So far in 2022, there have been more than 2,100 conflict events in Afghanistan. 800 were battle-related, while 600 were related to violence against civilians.

Access the Afghanistan core dataset to learn more about the current situation within each of the country's districts.
Ukraine Analysis Hub
While the majority of the damages to civilian infrastructure are directed at education facilities, damages to energy systems are the second biggest group. Since February 2022, some 800 damages related to gas supply systems and more than 600 related to electricity supply have been recorded in our database.

Access our two datasets on humanitarian access and damages to civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.
Yemen Analysis Hub
The following datasets have been recently updated:
The Hub also keeps updated on a regular basis the various datasets related to the Yemen Economy Tracking Initiative (YETI).
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