ReliefWeb Situation Report: Syria Cholera Outbreak 11/9/2022


Whole of Syria Cholera Outbreak Situation Report no.5 Issued 1 November 2022


Epidemiological Overview

Since the last situation report, the number of confirmed and suspected cases has risen. Suspected cholera cases (AWD) have been reported from all 14 governorates, each of which (now including Rural Damascus and Tartous) has reported positive cases.

Between 25 August and 22 October, 24,614 suspected cases have been reported, including 81 attributed deaths to date at a case fatality rate of 0.33%.

Of the 2,204 samples tested with rapid diagnostic tests, 1,144 have tested positive.
To date, 998 stool samples have been cultured, of which 391 have tested positive for Vibrio Cholera. The overall proportion of RDT-positive cases is 34%.

The most affected governorates to date are Deir-ez-Zor (12,772 cases, 51.9%), ArRaqqa (5,965 cases, 24.2%), Aleppo (3,845 cases, 15.6%), Al-Hasakeh (1,178 cases, 4.8%)


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