CSIS By The Numbers 11/13/2022


By The Numbers

Each week, we'll share with you some of the most compelling numbers in our studies.


216 million people

Scientists foreshadow that greater environmental stress will force an estimated 216 million people to migrate by 2050 unless the world acts decisively to reduce carbon emissions.


SOURCE: "Putting Climate Migration Back on the COP27 Agenda" by CSIS's Beza Tesfaye and Elizabeth Ferris.

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30 percent

Since October 10, Russia has attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with waves of missile and drone attacks. Ukrainian officials have reported that this has left around 30 percent of the country’s power stations destroyed.


SOURCE: "Responding to Russian Attacks on Ukraine’s Power Sector" by CSIS's Joseph Majkut and Allegra Dawes.

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400 vessels

Data from CSIS's Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative confirms China’s militia in the South China Sea includes hundreds of vessels. The total count of militia vessels deployed to the Spratly Islands and in port peaked at 400 in early July.


SOURCE: "The Ebb and Flow of Beijing's South China Sea Militia" by CSIS's Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.

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$750 billion

In July 2022, the Ukrainian government estimated the cost of recovery at $750 billion. That figure continues to grow due to ongoing missile strikes and artillery shelling, population displacement, and disruptions of exports.


SOURCE: "Corruption and Private Sector Investment in Ukraine’s Reconstruction" by CSIS's Nick Fenton and Andrew Lohsen.

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