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Weekly Analyst Review

08 September 2022

Bottom Line Up Front

On 06 September 2022, Islamic State Central Africa militants bombed an intelligence center of the National Intelligence Agency of Congo (DR) in Bulengera, East of Butembo, North Kivu Province, Congo (DR), injuring two intelligence officials and causing significant material damage to the building. The incident was reported and celebrated on Islamic State-affiliated Telegram channels and claimed by the official IS media outlet Nashir.

ISCA is known to have the means to construct a bomb and a strong presence in the area, making TRAC certain that ISCA is responsible for the bombing. Further, the targeted assassination of the Butembo deputy police chief is additional evidence that ISCA has people inside Congolese security that feed them information. The fact that the militants were able to bomb an intelligence center is of extreme importance because it shows that the assailants have knowledge of classified intelligence material such as the locations of rural outposts of the National Intelligence Agency of Congo (DR). This should be of grave concern to both Congolese intelligence and to regional security forces. If the assailants have knowledge of one intelligence center, it is highly likely they have knowledge of others as well. 

ISCA in Uganda is known to have an active bomb maker in Uganda. Since ISCA hasn’t had a bombing in almost a year, it is likely the bomb maker just travels across the border to Congo.

Other Developments

TRAC Insight:

Islamic State Supporters Introduce New Propaganda Series “Testimony of a Brother” From Talataye Village,

Cercle of Ansongo, Gao Region, Mali

Image: "Testimony of a Brother" poster released on 06 September in Arabic.

In much of the style of official propaganda like ‘Diaries of Mujihdeen’ or like the old videos from the height of the Caliphate that included interviews of fighters on ‘Rabat’ or manning IS checkpoints, an entirely new poster series from Islamic State supporters has emerged, entitled, “Testimony of a Brother.”  This propaganda campaign is an attempt to make IS supporters in hot-spot locations relevant to not only an English-speaking audience, but also to Arabic-speaking audiences on Rocket Chat. 

The 06 September poster release is a first-hand account from a person in the Talataye Village, Cercle of Ansongo, Gao Region where Islamic State Greater Sahara (ISGS) is active. The eyewitness account is to further discredit French forces who recently completed their mission in Mali. 

On the same day as the propaganda release, ISGS took control of Talataye after a fierce clash with JNIM. The release of the new propaganda in combination with reports from fighting on the ground (and winning the area) are so effective.

TRAC Incident Report:

Pro-White National Justice Party (NJP) Celebrate

Second Year of Existence in Montage Video

Image: Screenshot from montage video.

To celebrate their second year in existence as a political party, albeit an unofficial one, the National Justice Party (NJP) released a montage video, mostly of Chairman, Mike Enoch (Peinovich) making speeches. The group was founded in August 2020 and runs on a political platform of abolishing the FBI, bringing US Troops back from all foreign theaters; no "race mixing;" outlawing homosexual marriages as well as separating out where homosexuals would be allowed to work; and paying women to stay at home to care for children are some of the top NJP policies. The strongly anti-Semitic NJP policies resonate among white racist males in the United States.

TRAC Incident Report:

‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ Police Operation Led to the Arrest of a Moroccan Jihadist Plotting Attack in Empuriabrava, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Image: Images of the moment of arrest

On 02 September 2022, a Police operation conducted by the ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ led to the arrest of a 30-year-old jihadist on charges of self-training and terrorist indoctrination. The suspect is originally from Morocco but currently is a resident in Empuriabrava, Girona in Catalonia, Spain. Police sources revealed that the suspect was in an advanced stage of radicalization and ready to carry out a violent attack in Catalonia before leaving Spain to join the fight in the conflict in other countries.

TRAC firmly believes that the lone wolf arrested is an Islamic State supporter based on previous plots.

TRAC Incident Report:

At Least 10 People Killed & 15 Injured after a Knife Attack Spree across Saskatchewan, James Smith Cree Nation, Canada

Image: Suspects Damien Sanderson, 31, and Myles Sanderson, 30

On 04 September 2022, at least 10 people were killed and 15 injured in a stabbing spree across Saskatchewan, Canada. The James Smith Cree Nation and the community of Weldon were both subjected to random attacks on “several” victims. Along with the crie scenes where the 10 killing tood place, the police also responded to 13 other crime scenes; the number of victims could still increase. There was no obvious indication of a motive and while some of the stabbings appeared random, others appeared to be targeted. The James Smith Cree Nation issued a state of emergency until September 30 in response to the stabbings. 

The assailants have been identified as Damien Sanderson, 31, and Myles Sanderson, 30. Two days later, Damien Sanderson was found dead by Saskatchewan police “from wounds not self inflicted.”

On Our Radar:


The Iraqi Defense Ministry Released Video Footage of an Attack on Islamic State (IS) Militants in Al Khawija, Kirkuk Province, Iraq 

TRAC Incident Report:

In a Joint Anti-Maoist Operation, CoBra Battalion & Indian Agencies Captured a Maoist Camp & Seized Heavy Payloads, Landmines, Bombs & Spoken English Text Books, in Budha Pahar, Jharkhand, India


German Anarchist 17 August 2022 Incendiary Attack on Two Civilian ‘Bundeswehr’ Vehicles in Bad Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel, Hessen, Germany



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