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Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Population Movement from DRC - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRCG019


A. Situation Analysis

Description of the disaster

On 14 September 2022, the Ministry of Humanitarian Action of Congo requested support from partners of the Congolese government, to respond to the population movements observed in N’gabé, following community violence in the Kwamunthu Territory in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Indeed, since 24 August 2022, some villages in of Kwamunthu Territory in the DRC, neighbouring the district of N 'gabé in the Republic of Congo are affected by inter-ethnic conflicts between the Batéké, Bayakas and Ngombé. Many of these populations of the DRC belonging to the different ethnic groups affected by this conflict have been forced to cross River Congo to take refuge in different localities of the department of North Pool in the district of N'gabé and its nine villages. They have taken refuge in villages on the right bank upstream of the Congo River on the DRC side, pushing displaced populations back to the left bank of the Congo River on the side of the Republic of Congo (N’gabé). This conflict has caused the displacement of 1,700 people and the destruction of several houses, representing 340 homeless and vulnerable households received by the political and administrative authorities of N’gabé, per Government report issued on 14 September. This displacement is also affecting many others in host families who have taken refuge in villages across N'gabé including Sedeck, Ngobila and Mossengajoko 1. The 340 households are already registered by UNHCR.

According to the information received on 30 August 2022 by the ICRC in the DRC, the conflict has caused a massive movement of populations with 10 deaths, members of some families affected by the conflict in N'gabé. Today, there are 10 dead, including 6 adult men and 4 women. Similarly, 25 children at risk (unaccompanied and separated children) have no news from their relatives in N’gabé. Thirteen (13) seriously injured people were received at N’gabéand transported by volunteers to the N’gabé Basic Hospital. On 08 September 2022, hostilities between rival ethnic groups in Kwamountou caused 107 new arrivals into Sedeck village. There are also nearly 80 displaced people in Mossanjoko 2 village and 47 new arrivals in Ngobila village.

However, the displaced population is not accepted by the host population, which has led to movement restrictions for the displaced populations, denial of access to boreholes in N’gabé centre, etc, restricting their access to the basic which now leads to lack of drinking water. The IDP management committee reported the continuation of machete killings, clan-ethnic fighting, and the attacks on children with machetes.