IDGA Defense Digest 9/30/2022


This week kicked off big, with IDGA’s Hypersonic Weapons Summit taking place on September 28 & 29. With the potential to surpass most conventional defenses, an urgent response is needed to the developments by near-peer adversaries. This conference aided in guiding that much-needed conversation on Operationalizing US Capabilities. 

In preparation for IDGA’s Defense Logistics and Support Conference next month, we are proud to share the latest Attendee List and Event Brochure. DL&S is primed to be the top forum to discuss the future of logistic agility and resilience. With Co-Chairs Major General Allan E. Day (Ret.) and Guy Beougher SES (Ret.) leading the helm, it is poised to be an unmissable event.

This week IDGA published the Key Land Forces Initiatives Market Map highlighting the global key-training programs in the land domain. The need to train remains constant for any fighting force, and this content piece is ideal for a quick glance into the current state-of-play of major players.

Lastly, but in no way least, in preparation for CABSEC, we are publishing an OPV Market Map of South America. As the security situation evolves, the needs of the region will follow. This piece of content delivers a snapshot of the current and future OPV regional programs.    

The IDGA Team  

Key Land Forces Training Initiatives Market Map

The importance of training cannot be understated. The age-old axiom of “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat” remains as true as ever. In this piece, IDGA gives a quick birds-eye-view of the key training initiatives happening worldwide in 2023; ideal for someone wanting a quick update on the latest happening in the domain.

OPV Market Map

South America’s Maritime Security Challenges continue to evolve and change. The reasons for this are diverse, from political instability to the budget windfalls created by the current energy market dynamics. This marketing map goes over the most recent developments in the Caribbean and South American region regarding oceanic patrol vessels. From Mexico to Chile, the map highlights the latest and most significant deliveries, contracts, and intentions in the OPV domain. A must-read for our CABSEC/SAMSEC conference in November.

Event Content

Find out who you can expect to meet at the 2022 Defense Logistics & Support conference.

IDGA are delighted to announce the inaugural Defense Logistics & Support 2022 conference, taking place in Washington, DC on October 25-26. 

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