How the global economic crisis could cause conflict across the world


Intelligence Fusion

"Food shortages and spiralling fuel prices have the potential to worsen existing conflicts, cause fighting to break out over resources and fuel recruitment for illegal armed groups across the world. In the latest episode of The Roundtable podcast, our analysts discussed the worsening food and fuel crises, as global economies and supply chains already reeling from COVID-19 were hit by sudden disruption caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the sanctions on Russia that followed, leading to rapidly increasing fuel and energy prices, and worsening food shortages - particularly in those countries already reliant on Ukrainian grain. In this extract from the episode, Senior Regional Analysts Max Taylor, Aaron Arends and Viraj Pattni take a look at how the regions they cover could see an increase in resource conflict, such as fighting over disputed farmland, or clashes between farmers and herders, as droughts and disruption of food supplies lead to dwindling resources and increased desperation - as well as worsening existing conflicts by making people more vulnerable to exploitation and recruitment by armed groups, from terror groups in Africa to cartels in Mexico or guerrillas in South America. They also discuss how the economic crisis and rising fuel prices will create opportunities for these groups to profit from criminal activities such as fuel theft and smuggling."

Source: Intelligence Fusion