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Wednesday 24th August 2022

When the United States administration launched its latest wave of sanctions for grand corruption against Liberian officials, it chose three of President George Weah's closest allies.

The measures known as Magnitsky sanctions, after the campaigning Russian lawyer, impose the toughest financial strictures on the three's holdings in US dollars and bars them from visiting the US.

Top on the list is Nathaniel McGill, who runs Weah's office and was meant to be organising his re-election campaign next year. Weah has suspended all three sanctioned officials and says they will be fully investigated.

But oppositionists greeted that with scepticism, demanding the three must be sacked immediately.

Patrick Smith

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Washington weighs in on Weah

The latest US sanctions against Liberian officials target the President's closest allies after ever louder complaints of grand corruption since he came to power in 2018

The spotlight on corruption at the highest levels of government in Monrovia suddenly shone brightly on 15 August when the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) placed sanctions on three of the most influential members of President George Weah's government accusing them of corrupt schemes to siphon off state revenues.

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