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 GERMANY  19/08/2022
All over the world, spies like to meet in favourite spots where discreet conversations and chance meetings can occur. This week Intelligence Online visits the emblematic Einstein UdL in Berlin, a city where spying is making something of a comeback.  [...]
 EUROPE   RUSSIA  19/08/2022
With information warfare tactics on the rise, journalists in Russia are coming under increased surveillance as the Kremlin tries any means possible to discourage potential sources from reaching out.  [...]
Since the start of the conflict, Ukraine's strategic ministries have been working to influence US decision-makers and bolster its information war effort. This is keeping a dense network of PR-savvy Ukrainians in DC and American defence experts very busy.  [...]
 FRANCE  18/08/2022
Officially launched in July 2021, Viginum counters foreign influence operations, a goal that is now a priority for the French government.  [...]
 FRANCE  17/08/2022
France's special forces continue to churn out as many generals as ever in the latest round of mid-year recruits.  [...]
 UNITED STATES  15/08/2022
To work on more effective policy for countering China, especially on economic and strategic terms, the US is supporting bipartisan research, taking a step away from the division, and confusion, of the Trump years.  [...]
 ISRAEL  15/08/2022
Best known for its intelligence operations, Shin Bet has other more mundane duties in the political and diplomatic life of the state of Israel. Escorting delegations travelling abroad and playing a role in the expansion of the country's tourist industry are also part of its duties.  [...]
 BELARUS  15/08/2022
The Belarusian leader, continuing his tour of security structures to be reformed, intends to overhaul the intelligence agency that serves as the cornerstone of the regime.  [...]
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