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Femicides in Egypt, Jordan spark anger, calls for change

Edited by: Sonia Phalnikar Recent high-profile cases of women being killed in Jordan and Egypt for rejecting marriage proposals have... 

The faces of China’s detention camps in Xinjiang

A new leak of Chinese government records reveals thousands of never-before seen mug shots of Uyghurs and other photos from inside the... 

Uzbekistan: at least 5 killed in local unrests

The protests in Uzbekistan were prompted by planned constitutional changes that would have stripped Karakalpakstan of its autonomous status. 

Georgia: First ICC Arrest Warrants

South Ossetian Officials Sought for War Crimes Exterior view of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.© 2021 AP... 

Belarus ‘Engulfed in Fear’ as Systematic Violations Persist

29 June 2022 GENEVA (29 July 2022) – The human rights situation in Belarus continues to deteriorate dangerously, engulfing the country in... 

Tanzania pushes ahead with campaign to evict Maasai

“The Maasai have an attachment to their land, so the attempt to remove them is a crime against humanity. Land is their entire life."