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Iran (Islamic Republic of): Regional Population Movement - Afghanistan | Preparedness and Response - Revised Emergency Appeal No. MDRAFRPM21, Revision# 1
IFRC – 6 Jul 2022


The situation in Afghanistan remains precarious and uncertain close to one year after the change of leadership in August 2021, as multiple political, socio-economic, climate-related and humanitarian shocks reverberate across the country.

In the short term, a sudden major increase of cross-border population movement affecting the neighbouring countries remains unlikely. However,...Read more

Niger: Food Insecurity Crisis - Emergency Appeal No. MDRNE026 - Operational Strategy
IFRC – 15 Jul 2022

Glide №: OT-2022-000263-NER

IFRC Secretariat Funding requirement: CHF 3 million Federation-wide funding requirement: CHF 5 million


Niger is currently affected by the worst food security crisis of this decade, with 4.4 million people in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. This crisis is in the context of continued deteriorating security in the Sahel region, which...Read more

Ukraine: Winterization Plan - Winter Priority Procurement & Repair Plan 2022 – 2023
OCHA – 15 Jul 2022

1. Overview

An estimated 15.7 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 7.1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in both private homes and collective centres.

Millions of Ukrainians are living in damaged homes, or in buildings ill-suited to provide sufficient protection from harsh winter conditions. In anticipation of potentially the “worst winter since the...Read more

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