ReliefWeb Headlines / 12 Jul 2022

ReliefWeb Headlines / 12 Jul 2022

Colombia: Venezuelan women face increasing gender-based violence in Colombia and Peru
Amnesty – 12 Jul 2022
The Colombian and Peruvian states are largely absent when it comes to guaranteeing, protecting and respecting the right to a life free of violence and discrimination for Venezuelan women, AI said. Read more

Haiti: Multiple crises and surging gang violence set to worsen hunger in Haiti
WFP – 12 Jul 2022
Insecurity in and around Port-au-Prince has been drastically worsening since early May, disrupting supply chains, access to basic services like markets, schools and hospitals and livelihoods. Read more

South Sudan: Humanitarian funding cuts affect millions in South Sudan as the country marks 11 years of independence
CARE – 9 Jul 2022
This year South Sudan is facing the highest food insecurity levels since its independence. It is estimated that over two-thirds of the population, 8.9 million people, require humanitarian assistance. Read more