ARAC Launches New Data Portal for Researchers

 Information Resource Sharing

Our data portal is designed to assist researchers and investigators in the fields of journalism, humanitarian aid, human rights, global security, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and data analysis.

This portal is a part of ARAC's submission to the Institute for Economics and Peace Ambassador program.

Watch the video as we explain how we integrated IEP's Positive Peace framework into our information gather process as well as our workflow process. We strongly feel that all can benefit by IEP's framework in the aforementioned areas of research.

ARAC Positive Peace project presentation for The Institute for Economic and Peace (IEP) Ambassadors' Program. (April 2022 Cohort). 
ARAC Integration of IEP's Positive Peace Framework © 2022 by Muhsin Shakoor is licensed under CC BY 4.0 
Data portal for IEP's work and ARAC Research Sources 
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