ReliefWeb Headlines | 14 Jun 2022

A young girl in Myanmar whose education has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.© UNICEF/ Min Zayar Oo

ReliefWeb Headlines / 14 Jun 2022

World: How the conflict in Ukraine will have a catastrophic impact on displaced communities in crises
NRC – 14 Jun 2022
The NRC report notes that the worsening effects of climate change threaten to be a significant compounding factor across many fragile and conflict-affected states. Read more

South Sudan: WFP forced to suspend food aid in South Sudan as funds dry up and nation faces hungriest year since independence
WFP – 14 Jun 2022
More drastic reductions will be unavoidable, unless more funding is received, which will leave vulnerable people unable to meet their basic food needs and reverting to survival strategies. Read more

Myanmar’s multidimensional crises have ‘deepened and expanded dramatically’
UN News – 13 Jun 2022
Following the COVID-19 pandemic and political crisis, school enrolment has dropped by up to 80 per cent in two years, leaving at least 7.8 million children shut out of the classroom. Read more

Bangladesh’s COVID-19 vaccination rate has soared in a year
UNICEF – 13 Jun 2022
At the beginning of June 2021, less than four per cent of Bangladesh’s population had received two doses. One year on, that number now stands at more than 68 per cent. Read more

Syrian Arab Republic: Closure of Damascus airport may have drastic humanitarian repercussions for more than two million people
OCHA – 13 Jun 2022
The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria is deeply concerned about the recent airstrikes on the airport that have led to its closure. All UN Humanitarian Air Service flights have been suspended. Read more
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