ReliefWeb Headlines / 15 May 2022


ReliefWeb Headlines / 15 May 2022

World: Global rise in vaccine-preventable diseases highlights urgent actions needed to save lives
InterAction – 13 May 2022
As the world continues to face COVID-19, investments are needed to combat the rise in vaccine-preventable illness, which disproportionately affects children, especially those living in conflict settings. Read more

World: Red Cross movement expands support to families separated by violence and conflict
IFRC – 13 May 2022
Family reunification is one of the safe and legal routes to protection to Europe, yet families face many challenges due to the complex legal framework and practical obstacles. Read more

World: WHO launches new Mortality Database visualization portal
WHO – 13 May 2022
A new portal reflects key updates to modernize the user interface that give unparalleled insight, accessibility and relevance to seven decades of mortality data for policymakers and the public. Read more

Ukraine: Clearing landmines from Ukraine may take decades, despite current ongoing efforts
GICHD – 13 May 2022
While full-scale humanitarian demining efforts are impossible during the conflict, coordination to support Ukrainian authorities to locate, identify, and remove explosive ordnance is already underway. Read more

World “at a crossroads” in drought management, up 29% in a generation and worsening, says UN
UNCCD – 12 May 2022
According to a new report from the UNCCD, more than 1.4 billion people were affected by drought from 2000 to 2019. This makes drought the disaster affecting the second-highest number of people. Read more

World: New health financing initiative in Africa aims to build back better from COVID-19
LMH – 12 May 2022
Implemented in ten countries, Africa Frontline First will build the continent's community health workforce to end the pandemic, prevent future epidemics and achieve universal health coverage. Read more

Haiti: A wave of violence strikes Port-au-Prince
MSF – 12 May 2022
MSF is alarmed by the latest wave of violence in Port-au-Prince as its staff have received more than 96 people with gunshot wounds in its medical facilities since April 24. Read more

World: Governments falling woefully short on goal to vaccinate 70% in each country by September
Oxfam – 12 May 2022
More than a year after vaccines were introduced, only 52 countries have met the 70% target, 69 have yet to achieve 40% coverage, and 21 countries have not yet achieved even 10% coverage. Read more

Burkina Faso: Conflict in Burkina Faso aggravates ongoing food crisis
ICRC – 11 May 2022
Violence has internally displaced more than 1.8 million people, almost 10% of the country’s population, a number that keeps rising every day. Many of those displaced now rely on aid to survive. Read more

Yemen: Number of civilian casualties halved since the start of the truce in Yemen
NRC – 11 May 2022
While casualties from airstrikes, shellfire and shooting reduced significantly since the start of the truce in April, the number of injuries and deaths by mines and unexploded ordnance remained high. Read more

Somalia: More than 400,000 children risk dropping out of school due to drought in Somalia
CARE – 10 May 2022
Of these, 189,000 are girls who face the risk of early marriages and Female Genital Mutilation. The 231,000 boys risk being recruited into dangerous and illegal activities. Read more

Mozambique: UNHCR raises alarm over Mozambique’s “invisible” crisis as climate shocks worsen displacement
UNHCR – 10 May 2022
Conflict and displacement, compounded by extreme weather events, has led to increased protection needs for thousands of affected refugees, internally displaced people and members of host communities. Read more

Afghanistan: Lingering drought and economic crisis mean unprecedented hunger will continue to threaten millions of Afghans
WFP, FAO – 9 May 2022
For the first time since the introduction of the IPC, more than 20,000 people in Ghor are facing catastrophic levels of hunger because of a harsh winter and disastrous agricultural conditions. Read more

Syrian Arab Republic: Number of Syrian children in need hits record high
UNICEF – 8 May 2022
Children’s needs, both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, are growing. Many families struggle to make ends meet. Prices of basic supplies including food are skyrocketing. Read more

Ukraine: More than 170 civilians evacuated from Azovstal and Mariupol area in third safe passage operation
ICRC – 8 May 2022
After weeks of living largely underground with dwindling food, water and medicine, more than 170 civilians arrived in Zaporizhzhia on Sunday in the third safe passage operation. Read more

Afghanistan: Flash flooding after heavy and unseasonal rainfall affects more than 3,400 people in Afghanistan
OCHA – 7 May 2022
Between 3 and 4 May, localized flooding was reported across large parts of Afghanistan, killing 13 people and injuring eight. An estimated 1,270 houses were either destroyed or damaged. Read more

occupied Palestinian territory: UN report calls for more strategic approach to addressing Palestinian economic and fiscal situation
UNSCO – 7 May 2022
The UNSCO's report warned of an uncoordinated approach to address the current political, economic and security challenges which only risks perpetuating a continuous cycle of crisis management. Read more

South Sudan: New cholera outbreak declared in Unity State, South Sudan
Govt. South Sudan – 7 May 2022
Given the congestion of displaced populations in high ground areas and contamination of the safe water sources, the humanitarian response has been scaled up to avert catastrophic consequences. Read more

Ethiopia’s worst drought in 40 years threatens to derail gains made in maternal and newborn health
UNFPA – 6 May 2022
In the Somali region, 930,000 people need emergency and reproductive health support and more than 565,000 have reduced access to protection services, including women, children and GBV survivors. Read more

Ukraine: WFP welcomes €25 million from EU for cash and food assistance in Ukraine and Moldova
WFP – 6 May 2022
This funding will go towards cash as well as immediate food relief for families in conflict-hit areas in Ukraine, and to displaced people from Ukraine in Moldovan transit sites and reception centres. Read more
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