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Various international actors are collecting evidence for investigations and trials of war crimes in Ukraine.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine puts further strain on the increasingly problematic relationship between China and the EU.
India’s trade and investment ties with Latin America remain relatively modest, although there is scope for growth.
The United Kingdom wants to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda.
The congressional committee investigating the events of January 6 will hold high-profile public hearings next month.
Nuclear deal negotiators left Vienna in early March, since when progress has stalled around one major obstacle.
Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe urgently needs new supplies. Turkey has been proposed as a transit route for gas from Middle Eastern and Caspian sources, but attention has focused on the size of potential reserves, as illustrated by our Chart of the Week.
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Colombia Election Scenarios: Potential Implications and Disruptions to the Business Environment
Philip Paterson, our Senior Analyst, who is joining a panel with FrontierView (part of FiscalNote group) will be discussing the Colombia election scenarios and the potential implications and disruptions to the business environment. The webinar is on May 25, at 4pm UK. Register for this complimentary webinar now.
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Europe’s Energy Transition Strategy Managing Without Russia
Nick Redman, our Director of Analysis spoke at the Delphi Economic Forum on April 8, discussing Europe's energy transition strategy and how to manage without Russia. Watch the recording of the session here.
Forecasting track record
Guaido versus Maduro in Venezuela
Opposition groups designated Guaido as ‘interim president’ in January 2019 following the re-election of President Nicolas Maduro in discredited polls. The United States and other countries subsequently recognised Guaido as interim president and handed over control of some Venezuelan state assets to his team. More than three years on, international recognition of Guaido and increasing sanctions on Venezuela have not led to Maduro’s removal. Instead, Guaido looks increasingly marginalised
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