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Ukraine in focus

Darkness before dawn?

Ukraine in focus brings you regular updates from Prince Michael of Liechtenstein on the current crisis.

As the destruction mounts in Ukraine, the West has beefed up its military assistance to Kyiv. The more muscular response should be welcomed and could, hopefully, bring the world mercifully closer to peace. The end to Russia’s invasion cannot come fast enough amid global economic and other challenges.

Ukrainians have shown they will courageously and capably defend their nation if properly armed. After initial hesitation, more than 40 nations came together on April 26 in Germany for a conference to pledge continuous military aid.

If the West can help Ukraine gain a decisive upper hand on the battlefield, reality may start to dawn on Moscow that the invasion will have to end.

Unfortunately, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not reached that point and is launching economic attacks of his own against the West. On April 27, Russia’s Gazprom cut off natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, evidently to punish the willingness of these two nations to arm Ukraine and their refusal to meet Moscow’s demands for payment in rubles.

With Russia’s nuclear saber-rattling increasingly having no effect on the West, Mr. Putin’s best option is to seize on the desire of the world to end this conflict quickly. The Kremlin will find that calling off the invasion is the only way to ease the mounting, but not necessarily permanent, military and economic pressure it faces.

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