FAS Roundup April 29, 2022


With our friends at the National Science Policy Network, we’ve released the first three memos from the Early Career Science Policy Accelerator cohort, including three from members of our Policy Entrepreneurship Fellows cohort:

Combating Bias in Medical Innovation

A plan to spur innovation and deployment of small-scale, modular systems to make carbon capture and storage more accessible, outside of industrial-scale markets, by Katerina Graf. 

Regulating Probiotic Use and Improving Veterinary Care to Bolster Honeybee Health

Three steps to bolster honeybee health, which is threatened by snake oil supplements and poor access to vet care, from Megan Damico.

Taking Out the Space Trash: Creating an Advanced Market Commitment for Recycling and Removing Large-Scale Space Debris

From Lyndsey Gray, five recommendations for recycling junky satellites, cleaning space debris, and engaging a planet-scale cleanup of space trash.

Learn more about the Early Career Science Policy Accelerator, and our new Policy Entrepreneurship Fellows here.

Technology & Innovation

News and Publications: Creating the Make it in America Regional Challenge

From Technology & Policy Fellow Ishan Sharma and CEO Daniel Correaa new initiative to pursue cluster-based  techno-economic  development efforts that tackles inflation and brings the heartland into the 21st Century. The proposal advocates for a Make  it  in  America Regional Challenge (MIARC),  a  $10  billion  two phase federal competition that would award 30-50 regions planning grants and then 10-15  ultimate  winners  up  to  $1  billion  to  strengthen  regional  capacity  in  economic clusters that align with critical U.S. supply chain priorities.

Opportunities: Endless Frontier Fellowship

The Endless Frontier Fellowship offers exceptionally talented early-career individuals an opportunity to help design the future. Fellows spend an immersive year working in public policy at the forefront of science, technology and innovation as policy entrepreneurs embedded at either the Institute for Progress, the Federation of American Scientists, or the Lincoln Network. Learn more and apply here.

Opportunities: The Day One Talent Hub

The Day One Talent Hub is recruiting for several Impact Fellowship roles to work on implementing data-driven impact initiatives to increase equity and justice across government. Learn more about being an impact fellow and how to apply here. 


Science Policy

News & Publications: The Next Ten Years of Climate Policy, According to Our Experts

From Director of Science Policy Erica Goldman, Technology and Policy Fellow Ishan Sharma, and Nuclear Information Project Senior Research Associate Matt Kordapredictions and hopes for the next ten years of climate policy.

National Security

News & Publications: Lakenheath Air Base Added To Nuclear Weapons Storage Site Upgrades

From Nuclear Information Project Director Hans Kristensen, the scoop on a quiet addition to NATO’s nuclear storage site updates – in the United Kingdom. While the documents do not identify a specific facility, it is believed to be the US Air Base at RAF Lakenheath.

News & Publications: Press the Button: Missile Accident in South Asia

Hear Matt Korda on Ploughshares Fund’s “Press The Button” podcast, where he discusses his new report on the missile accident between India and Pakistan.

Open Positions

FAS is currently hiring for a number of positions, please share with your networks or apply yourself if interested:

(Senior) Manager for Science Policy and Knowledge Management, to support organization-wide knowledge management, policy accelerators, aid in policy design workshops, and engage with science policy thought leaders, funders, and federal partners.

Innovation and Technology Senior Manager, to work directly with the Principal Director for Innovation and Technology to support activities across the portfolio to oversee and execute policy accelerators, support policy design workshops, engage with federal partners in identifying opportunities for impact, and help stand up emerging organizational initiatives to deliver assistance to federal agencies.

Community and Fellowships Project Associate, to work alongside the Community and Fellowships Manager to help administer the full life cycle of the Talent Hub Fellowship Program across various domains such as recruitment efforts, program development, and professional learning activities

Science Policy Program Associate, to work alongside the Science Policy team and support policy accelerators, technical assistance, and issue area and policy research

Human Resources Manager, responsible for all staff as the go to person for all employee relations, benefits, and career progression assistance

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