Cybery Security Hub Weekly Newsletter April 27,2022


IN THIS ISSUE | April 27, 2022

As we look to May, CS Hub has an excellent program of events and sessions for you to join to assist you in developing your security program and staying informed on today’s threat landscape. 

First, we are just days away from our, flagship event Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022. Register here to save your seat for the event taking place on 3–4 May. 

If you are looking for more information on this year’s hot topics at the event check out my ‘what to expect guide’ and register to schedule in your sessions. 

At the 2022 iteration of CS Hub’s flagship event you will hear from the likes of James Johnson, CISO at John Deere, Muhittin Hasancioglu, cyber security advisor and former CISO at Petronas, Lynn Dohm, executive director at Women in Cybersecurity, and many more leading experts. 

Information is key 

Join CS Hub and Alert Logic on 10 May as we discuss how to keep track of the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) being used by threat actors to ensure your organization remains informed. 

During the session, Josh Davies, product manager at Alert Logic, will teach you about the process behind threat activity clustering and how it can benefit your organization. Register for the session here.

Learning lessons from US behemoths 

Later, on 17 May, CS Hub will be joined by AttackIQ senior director of cybersecurity strategy and policy Jonathan Reiber, who will share his experience as head of cybersecurity strategy in the Defense Department under the Obama administration to highlight why security programs are not performing and how untested security controls fail constantly.

Reiber will share how best to ensure that your defenses will work as intended. Sign up for this session here. 
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Join CS Hub’s flagship event Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 to learn more about ransomware today, building a modern threat detection and response program, how to mitigate supply chain attacks and incident response planning.
During this webinar Alert Logic will share understanding of distinctive threat actor groups it has amassed and how it has been keeping track of TTPs used. The former threat hunter will share information on the favored tactics used by threat groups, uncovered from real-life examples within the Alert Logic customer base.
This webinar will take place on:
10 May, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
During this webinar we will discuss why security programs are not performing and how untested security controls fail constantly. Find out how you can ensure that your defenses will work as intended.
This webinar will take place on:
17 May, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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The flagship event Cyber Security Digital Summit: Global 2022 will be returning on 03 – 05 May, arming you with the latest thinking on security strategies for the increasingly digital hybrid workplace. This year the event will be opening with a panel of leading minds from the InfoSec community, featuring: 
  • James Johnson, Chief Information Security Officer, John Deere 
  • Muhittin Hasancioglu, Chief Information Security Officer, Petronas 
  • Lynn Dohm, Executive Director, Women in Cybersecurity 
  • Perri Nejib, Senior Fellow, Northrop Grumman 
As a delegate, you will be able to hear this group’s perspectives on critical issues such as:  
  • Effective cyber security models for the remote or hybrid workplace 
  • Managing the risk of supply chain attacks: what have we learnt from  SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya? 
  • Responding to new threats such as deep fakes and crypto-jacking  
  • The cybersecurity hiring boom and talent pools 
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